Follow each instructions carefully, to Register Land Owners with their Vectorized Building Index.

Buildings are well Digitized and Referenced

4 Steps To Become a Proper LASU Tenant

Pay Land Regularisation Administrative Charges

  • (a) Pay the Land Regularisation Charge of N10,000 Online or pay to the designated bank
  • (b) Print Portal Receipt

Access LASU Land Regularisation Portal

  • (a) Log on to LLRP.com With your VBI and Payment Receipt
  • (b) Upload the following documents:
  • Contravention notice showing the VBI
  • Govt-Issued ID (LASRRA, N.I, PVC and DL etc..)
  • Photo ID (Passport)
  • Land Purchase Receipt
  • Land Survey
  • Building Elevations (Front, Left, Right and Back)

Pay Charges / Sign Agreement

  • (a) Generate Comprehensive Charge Payable Online
  • (b) Pay Charges Online or to the designated bank
  • (c) Generate Deed of Sublease Online
  • (d) Print Portal Receipt for Payment made

Execute Agreement

  • (a) Submit all receipts including portal receipts and tellers to the LASU Bursary
  • (b) Obtain financial clearance from the LASU Bursary
  • (c) Submit the Sublease Agreement for execution at LASU Registry


  • You are now a Bonafide LASU Tenant

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